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Up, In, and Out - Disciple Now 2010

We just finished a weekend retreat with the youth at our church called Disciple Now. College leaders came and lead small groups with our students, studying the Bible with them and investing in their lives.  My good friend Trey came and spoke to our students about living an up, in, and out lifestyle. I love getting to spend time with Trey and minister with him.  He has such a love for God and for his Word.  We spent most of the weekend talking theology and practical ways to engage our culture and live the Gospel.  I only get to hang out with Trey every month or so, but that just about gives me enough time to ruminate on the nuggets of knowledge we discuss.

Our students seemed to have a great time playing the crazy games we came up with and I know were impacted by their leaders, the teaching, and the worship.  I'm really lucky to work with great students and serve with great people.

I put together a video that captures some of what happened over the weekend, hope you enjoy.

great to see how you are giving your heart and life to these students.

Austin, I'm proud of the way your serving others so that they can learn to serve others too. Awesome video.

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