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UnNaming Peace

I feel like this blog hasn't lived up to its name yet, so I apologize if you have been coming around looking for the unnamed -- hopefully this post will quench some of your desire.  "Peace" is a big word to unname.  It is riddled with imagery of anti-war rallies, rappers, hippies, and U.N. security councils.  In religious circles, it seems to be antiquated with a warm-and-fuzzy feeling.  To be honest, I'm in need of more than a warm-and-fuzzy feeling kind of peace.  I need a peace that brings a deep sense of wholeness to my life, a quiet, rejuvenating rest.

One of the reasons I don't think we really experience true peace in our lives any more is because we don't really know how to rest.  I'll be the first to admit I am not good at slowing down, not really comfortable with quiet and stillness.  Miska, a good friend of mine and mystic, taught me about centering prayer.  In centering prayer, you simply be still before God, usually picking a word to center yourself around.  The word can really be anything that draws your attention toward God, but she encouraged me to pick a word that expressed a hope for who God was to me, or who I needed God to be.  If you are lonely, maybe choose Friend, if you are oppressed, choose Savior, if you are sick, choose Healer.  I find myself often drawn to Emmanuel; it literally means, "God with Us."  I need that reminder that God is in this with me, he is not far off, he is tangible and touchable and He really walked among us.  By the way, Miska says you are really supposed to participate in centering prayer for at least 20 minutes -- I don't know if I've every really prayed for 20 minutes.

Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you."  The same man who healed the blind, made the lame walk, and raised men up from the dead offers me peace, and not just any peace, His peace.  True peace is not small or weak or what we turn to when brute force doesn't work.  Peace stills anger, peace repairs marriages, peace brings lasting rest.

So, restore the name of peace.

Peace to you.
My friend, Austin, you have unnamed it well. And I love Immanuel, that is a powerful name.

I miss you and your heart and voice. Come see us. Better yet, come be with us : ) (selfishly speaking)

I love that you are unnaming and helping us to see beyond the normal. You, my friend, are a heart of peace.

that was awesome...

Thank you for your generous words. Hopefully in unnaming peace, we might be a force for it in our world.

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