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UnNaming Christmas, With as Few Cliches as Possible

If you know me, you probably know that I'm not a huge fan of the Christmas season -- with all of the commercialism, lines, and terribly over-played, cheesy, tear-jerking, Christmas-shoe making music. It is pretty sickening to go to the mall, retail store, or coffee shop these days. They're all zoos, and like any caged animal, no one looks happy.

I have to admit, with all of my distaste for Christmas music (at least the only 5 songs they ever play) and gifts seeming to be "the reason for the season", I've been labeled as somewhat of a grinch. I'm trying to move away from this stigma. I purchase a Christmas tree, decorate it with lights, even hold a Christmas party for the youth at our church (long live the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!).

In reality though, I think I'm hoping for something more out of this season. This is supposed to be the season when a deep hope wells up inside of us, when, for a time, we hold our breath. The Church celebrates this time as the season of Advent. I love that the Church is built around seasons: Advent, Lent, Easter... like our lives moving in and out of seasons. Seasons of hope, seasons of doubt, seasons of helplessness, seasons of joy.

My hope is, in this season of Advent, we can quiet ourselves enough to feel that sense of anticipation. Advent is really about waiting, waiting in a hope that God is not far off, that we aren't really alone, that God will reach down and let us touch the edge of his cloak.

I hope this Advent you will find God where he promises to show up, walking beside you.

Peace to you.
Thanks, Austin.

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