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Epics and Hope

Starting a blog is almost as intimidating as starting a poem, so much white space in front of you, it feels like you have to write something epic.  Don't worry, you'll probably find more here about my quirky dogs and passion for food (along with hopefully some sincere musings about life, poetry and spirituality) than you will about Odysseus or Beowulf.  

As for the "Art of UnNaming," I hope to "unname" words that have become overused and trite, but were conceived with rich meaning.  Sometimes we have to strip words of their name so that we can hear them again with fresh ears.  I've been thinking a lot about the word Hope lately.  My good friend Winn Collier has deep hopes -- hopes for his family, his neighborhood, his church.  It has made me ask what things I truly and deeply hope for.  Some people might say that hope is for people who choose to ignore reality or can't accept the inevitable, but I'm coming to believe we desperately need hope.  When we hope, we invest ourselves into those things -- we live for something better than the status quo.  

Some current hopes:
  1. Lauren and I could lead a group of people in our community to really give themselves to one another -- sharing wounds, speaking life, and communing with God.
  2. Lauren would continue to blossom as a woman and find the things that make her heart come alive.
  3. I would not live a life of mediocrity, but pursue things that matter.
Thanks for stopping by, leave a note if you like, talk with you soon.


Yes! The first comment on Austin's blog! I feel privileged

I'm looking forward to the epic tales, heart-warming operas, striking tragedies, invaluable proverbs, and other forms of expression which I'm sure will come with your addition to the blogging world.

Seriously though, I am looking forward to knowing you more through your words.


I love it, Austin! I love your heart and, yes, your hope.

And, honestly, I love the design - alot. Maybe you need to fulfill #1 in C'ville...

In the words of a politician getting a good bit of hype: give hope a chance.



This is going to be a great Friday.

This is going to be a great Friday.

Whelp, you just got added to my Google Reader! I can't wait to hear what you have to say Austin. Much peace to you, your wife and crazy dog(s). It's been far too long since we've caught up. Let's talk soon.

Austin, love your blog! Thanks for what you offer this world.

Thanks for the warm greetings.

Winn - maybe #1 and Cvill will collide some day.

Evan - I feel honored to be added to your Google Reader, let's definitely talk soon.

Look forward to continuing the conversation.

hey bro-

I love you and it is so good to re...
hey bro-

I love you and it is so good to read what is going on in your life and in your head on a new level. You are a wonderful writer and shed light on thoughts that need to be provoked. All my love
your sis,

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