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Sabbath With My Hands

I wrote earlier about a quote from a Jewish rabbi that I really connected with: "Those who work with their minds tend to Sabbath with their hands, those who work with their hands tend to Sabbath with their minds." In the midst of becoming a father, juggling projects at work, and leading the students at our church, my new woodworking project has been a wonderful part of my Sabbath.

I'm building a porch swing out of oak.  As usual, I found some designs online and none of them were exactly what I wanted, so I used what I needed and made up the rest.  The project isn't finished, but it is really coming along.  I've gotten to use just about every tool I own, so it has been one of my favorite projects so far.

It isn't completed, but I thought I would share my progress along the way.  One cool thing about this project is that it was made possible by my good friends Corey and Juli Kalbaugh.  I helped Juli with her new art website (which you should check out if you haven't had the chance, she is an incredible artist) and they were very generous to give me a gift card to buy some of the wood for this project.

Below are some pictures and commentary, hope you enjoy.

My "workshop" (a.k.a my side of the garage)

Cutting the seat supports with a jigsaw

This is the frame (without the arms) put together.  I used the jigsaw to cut the curved supports and the table saw to cut horizontal pieces.  I then glued and screwed everything together, pre-drilling and countersinking all the holes.

Here is a picture of one of the joints.  This wasn't in any of the plans so I kinda made it up so everything would be flush.

This is a side view of the same joint.

I notched out the vertical supports and screwed a support piece along the whole back.

This piece was fun to cut because I got to rip a piece of 3/4" oak on my new table saw at at 35 degree angle to get that slope to line up.

This is one of the arms that I cut out with the jigsaw.

you. are a stud. that is all.

This is wonderful! I love how our friendship has allowed and encouraged each other to foster beauty and creativity. :) I can't wait to give that swing a try!

Yay! I love that you are doing this and can't wait to see the finished product. As Juli said, glad we could be a (small) part of encouraging your creativity! Love you.

Looking good Mr. Grigg! Looking forward to trying it out some time soon.

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