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A Road Trip in Pictures

Lauren and I just got back from our East coast road trip -- kind of a last hurrah before our baby comes in December (God willing). 2900 miles, 4 stops including 2 major cities, 31 rest stops, and almost 50 driving hours later we're back. We had an incredible time -- exploring the capitol, eating popovers and everything blueberry in Maine, running around the Big Apple, and coming into Charlottesville through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Most importantly we got to connect with so many good friends -- laughing, eating, speaking hope and life to one another.

Lauren has already done a great job documenting our trip, so I thought I would give you a taste of our trip in pictures (with a some commentary along the way). Hope you enjoy.

The capitol is pretty stunning in person, going to D.C. reminded me the U.S is legit!

Lauren in the library of congress. We got to see Thomas Jefferson's library, very cool.

Justin and Erin taking sailing through some crazy wind.

The stunning result of said wind.

A beautiful view of the Washington Monument and Capitol from the Lincoln Memorial.

Random guy that made for a powerful picture.

Stellar group of friends in front of the WWII memorial.

We had so much fun in D.C. This was only topped by the Krispy Kreme donuts that followed.

Welcome to Maine -- foggy, stunning, and rugged.

Another beautiful shoreline.

My beautiful bride in the Azalea gardens.

View from almost the top of Cadillac mountain when the sun finally came out. Click to see this one blown up.

The Hansens and their home in Cville!

Our good friends the Colliers.

Nice to see that Corey got to go along for the sailing adventure in metro DC.

So, so good to see you guys. Thank you so much for staying with us, we really enjoyed having you. It felt so good to be reminded we are loved.

That jumping picture is my favorite. The U.S. is indeed legit.

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