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I used to go to Woodstock Coffee House most Monday nights for their open mic -- to connect with artists, to listen to local music, and to read my poetry. They closed down for a while and I recently found out they've started it up again. I went back tonight and realized how much I missed it -- how much I need it.

The music and the people began soaking into me, slowly warming the cold vocal chords of my soul. I realized how dry my soul has been and how the simple, honest songs of wrestling people can stir me to life.

I wrote a poem. It's been months since I've written anything and maybe years since I felt compelled to write. Maybe I thought I needed compelling words or a compelling story -- what I really needed was to connect with my soul, to feel alive, and to respond with art.
Come on... post it... you know you want to...

Poem to follow soon. When I say I wrote a poem, what I really mean is there is a bunch of piecemeal scribbled in my notebook that I hope will become a poem.

If I haven't posted it in a week or two, you can call me out on it as a friendly reminder.

Thanks for posting this Austin. What a beautiful reminder of the power of connection. Thank you.

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