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I Wish I had a Scott-Irish Accent

Probably my favorite Christmas gift this year was the hat Lauren gave me. I call it my poet hat. I think the official or "street name" (if you will) is flat cap, or newsboy cap. It is one of those gifts that isn't necessarily expensive or in vogue, but something that speaks to who you are and what you are hoping to be. 

One of the gifts of marriage is the intimate knowledge you gain of your spouse. Lauren said recently, "I feel like you really know someone, when you can buy a gift for them." I don't think it quite hit me at the time, but I think she is on to something. Her gift was more than just thoughtful, more than just a fashionable head adornment, it was her confirmation in me as a writer, as an artist.  How beautiful it is to give someone something that speaks hope into their doubts and life to their desires.

I'm comfortable as the computer guru, or as the hiking/climbing outdoorsman, but there are seeds of doubt in my ability as a writer.  Lauren, thank you for your steady encouragement and making me comfortable with who I am.

So, if you see me donning the poet hat, come join me for a cup of coffee and bring your favorite Billy Collins or Stephen Dunn. We'll talk life, poetry, and I might even break out some of my Scott-Irish accent to match the flat cap.

Peace to you.
I think Corey and I can officially claim to be the first ones to break-in the hat over coffee and life giving conversation! Keep it coming!

I love the hat - Miska bought me one last year. And I know what you mean, it's a very writer-ly thing. I'm eager to receive more of your poetic gift.

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