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Prayer Notebook - iPhone app to organize your prayers

For a long time I've wanted to be more diligent in prayer -- particularly for other people. How often have I said "I'll pray for you," really mean it at the time, and then not follow through? Unfortunately, way too many times.

Sometimes I say those words because that's what we're supposed to say, but hopefully, deep down, I know that the best thing, the most powerful thing I can really offer is prayer. Prayer is not second best when we can't do something tangible, prayer takes courage to relinquish control and call on God to move, to act, to come through.

The guys I work with at ICN Ventures feel the same way and so as we began to think about building an iPhone app, one that centered on prayer was the obvious choice -- so Prayer Notebook was born.

Prayer Notebook lets you keep up with your prayers, schedule them for different days of the week, and set reminders so you don't forget to pray. You can group your prayers into categories and turn the phone sideways to flip through your prayers fullscreen.

We're really excited about the app and how people can use it to be more consistent and fervent in prayer.

My good friend Trey Boden made this awesome video to show off the app, so check it out:

You can purchase the app for your iPhone at $1.99 or try it out for free with Prayer Notebook Lite. If you enjoy the app you can follow us on twitter @PrayerNotebook and please tell your friends about it!

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