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Poets and Poems.

Poetry has been important to me for some time now.  I love how it speaks to us in ways that we otherwise wouldn't hear.  Good poetry has an uncanny ability to point out truths to us without us really being aware of it.  When you get to the end of a poem, probably the second or third time, and you better understand someone, or maybe even better understand yourself, or maybe are more confused, but are asking good questions, then you've met a good poem.  Because most of our language is so abused it has become trite and poetry has the opportunity to name things in a new way, really to unname the things we already know, but haven't grasped hold of.

Poetry has been on my mind because I just got my second poem, "Twilight Still," published in The Griffin, a small literary journal out of Gwynedd-Mercy College.  Hopefully it will spur me to continue writing, at least reading.

I thought I would share a few of my favorite poets and most recent reads:

Different Hours, by Stephen Dunn
My favorite poet and a pulitzer prize winning book, incredible.

Mosquito, by Alex Lemon
Poems about his experience as a brain surgery patient.  Intense and full of powerful language.

Late Wife, by Claudia Emerson
Another pulitzer prize winner.  Rich, earthy poems about the human experience.

Reasons for Moving, by Mark Strand
An old collection that I found a McClure's Bookshop in Clemson.  Strange and wonderful, the first poem is called "Eating Poetry."

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