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A Poem

As promised, below is the poem I began writing a few weeks ago at Woodstock Coffee house. Thanks to the prodding of a friend, it is here for your reading. Let me know what you think.

It Always Rains North of Us

or South of us –
the cool hand of God
brushing the clouds aside
as they crest the western horizon.

Like contentment,
the periphery of happiness –
taught to us by children
and autostereograms.

Like the memory of a friend
touching you on the shoulder –
gone when you turn around,
leaving only a swell of warmth.

Like a new song
or an old one you thought you forgot,
or maybe one you always knew –
the words still being written.

And in the heavy gray dawn,
the ground saturated through,
a gilded light bleeds through the clouds,
more real than any light you've ever known.
Beautiful. That has to be the first ever poem with autostereograms in it.

Thanks Austin! I have always treasured getting to hear your voice through poetry. And I really loved this one. Keep on poe-ing! I will say taking a poetry class has helped me so much in staying committed to writing and getting feedback. I hope you can find a little hotlanta poetry community.

This poem continues to make me smile. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to joining you in Woodstock, sooner then later.

bro you are a man of many talents and do them all well. No bad art here. love you.

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