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Poem #1

Photo by Vince Alongi

I would call myself a poet, but I haven't written any poetry in quite some time. As poets know, poetry is hard work. For a while I was submitting my work to literary journals, and I got a few poems published, but there were many more that were rejected. Journals like to be the first to publish a work, so up until now I hadn't posted any of my poems on the blog. But, I've decided that I'd much rather my work be read and heard and enjoyed than sitting in a file cabinet (yes, I actually have a file cabinet for my poems -- they eventually make their way to the computer, but it always begins on paper).

This first poem seemed appropriate with all the storms we've received in the last few months. This poem is for Kyle.

It Always Rains North of Us

or South of us --
the cool hand of God
brushing the clouds aside
as they crest the western horizon.

Like contentment,
the periphery of happiness –
taught to us by children
and autostereograms.

Like the memory of a friend
touching you on the shoulder –
gone when you turn around,
leaving only a swell of warmth.

Like a new song
or an old one you thought you forgot,
or maybe one you always knew –
the words still being written.

And in the heavy gray dawn,
the ground saturated through,
a gilded light bleeds through the clouds,
more real than any light you've ever known.
Austin, Beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing yo...

Beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing your gift--it was my dose of inspiration for the day. :)

So glad you've decided to share them :) I'd much rather read your poems then have them sitting around in a filing cabinet!!!

Bess, you're welcome, thanks for the note.

Ashley, me too!

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