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We're Part of the Problem

I was ranting on twitter the other day about how Walmart is opening at 6:00pm on Thanksgiving day. It seems like every year the stores open earlier and earlier with bigger and more outrageous deals. What about Walmart’s employees? Shouldn’t they be enjoying Thanksgiving with their families?

Right after I posted that on twitter, Michael Ledford replied reminding me that Walmart is opening early because that is what customers want. Of course they still have a choice, we’re not twisting their arm, but that is exactly what we tell them we want when we line up outside the stores and knock people down to get to the front of the line. Why are we so consumed with consumerism? I wonder if we’re just looking for the right things in the wrong places.

So, instead of blaming the stores for opening earlier, what if we stopped lining up in mobs and spent Thanksgiving around the table with our families. What if we decided we could use a full day to rest and laugh and eat and be thankful.

I know this post won’t really change anything, but we all still have a choice and I know how easy it is for me to get sucked in right with everyone else to the mad dash, to the promise of deals and savings and shiny new toys. So really this is just a reminder for myself that what I really have to give away this year is myself – my presence, my words, my life.

So, this Thanksgiving I plan to eat enough turkey to knock me into a comatose state on the couch until my boys come flying through the air and we wrestle until bed time.

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