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No Rhythm

Most people who know me, probably know I'm not a musical person; however, the reality is that I have no natural musical talent whatsoever.  Most people are at least given a voice that could pass as in-key, or the ability to keep a beat (I honestly can't even clap on-beat for long), or, if nothing else, some semblance of a whistle.  No, God in all of his blessings and gifts on my life did not for whatever reason give me any musical abilities.

Sometimes, in the moment, I hear the high note in my head, or feel the rhythm of the guitar strum and think I could jump right in, big mistake.  I've been running sound for the band at our church (at least I'm not tone-deft, maybe my only redeeming musical quality) and being around talented musicians spurred me the other day to pick up my guitar again.  At this point you may be thinking, "I thought he said he couldn't play any instruments, " but I only said I had no natural musical talent -- I learned to play the guitar through sweat, blood, and tears.  

Picking it up again the other day quickly reminded me of the painstaking process.  Trying to simply keep a beat for me is like trying to peel an orange with a cheese grater -- it gets the job done, but you make a terrible mess doing it.  All that to say, I enjoy those unlikely moments when the notes blend together and the rhythm runs down my arm.  More often than not, I play offbeat and sing off-key, but there are times when I don't care and I sing at the top of my lungs because there is something deeply freeing about it.

I think we all need to be a little undignified at times, and "fortunately" God has provided me ample opportunity. 

P.S.  I'm really sorry for those of you sitting in front of me at church.
Hehehehe!! That's good stuff.

Well at least you are a heck of a soundman! ;)

Not having rhythm never stopped a white boy from doing anything. You keep on rocking, Austin.

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