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The Next Rembrandt

For those of you who don't know Juli Kalbaugh, not only is she a good photographer, stylish, and married to a stellar ultimate frisbee player, she is an incredibly talented painter. She is very humble about her gift, but she has a way of seeing that gives her art depth and character.

A few months ago, Lauren and I commissioned (I feel like I need to say that word wearing a baret) a piece from Juli for our bedroom. We gave her a few thoughts on color, but essentially gave her artistic freedom to come up with something beautiful. Needless to say, what she created is incredible.

Corey and Juli stopped through on their way to Clemson and dropped off the painting and we were blown away. Its rich earthy colors and blend of abstract and realism give it a sense of warmth and complexity.

Juli, thank you for your heart, thank you for your talents, thank you for sharing those with us in such a beautiful painting. We hope to see many more Juli Kalbaugh originals gracing peoples homes and galleries.
Austin, I really like your painting and also appreciate your writing talents. We look forward to seeing your painting in person tonight. Merry Christmas - Dad

Austin, your words and encouragement are such a gift. Thank you. It was so great to spend some time with you and Lauren. You have refreshed our hearts. Peace.

Juli, you're welcome. We just hope to see your gift continue to move and inspire people, to make your heart come alive. There is nothing like the company of true friends to make you feel full and known. Thank you for your friendship. Peace.

austino..I love the use of the word baret. love you bro

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