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My Favorite Pastime, Eating.

Last night, Lauren and I had an excellent evening together. I had bought her tickets to see Stomp at the Fox for Christmas, and a hot black dress for her to wear for her Birthday. So, we dressed up and went downtown for dinner at Eno, upon a recommendation from Kyle Jones. We actually met Kyle and Ashley at the restaurant and had, what can only be described, as an inspiring dining experience. We started off with a smooth, lush Malbec and bread (that tasted like a hot pretzel, amazing). Lauren got the most tender pork chop I have ever tasted, only to be topped by my exquisite filet mignon.  We just talked, and ate, and watched people walking around downtown.

The show only made the night better.  The performance was incredibly entertaining, and actually very funny.  The Fox was lit up beautifully and it was just a charming atmosphere.  The performers were incredibly talented and orchestrated the whole show in rhythm.  You could tell that they really enjoyed what they were doing.  If you get a chance, get out to see the show.

Hopefully I didn't bore you too much, I'm feeling a little tired, but wanted to post an update.

Peace to you.
You just can't beat the Fox for romance. I love it. Erin and I saw "Wicked" there in November. Sounds like you guys had an excellent time.

Never been to the Fox or Eno. But now I sure wish I had.

Austin, I love that you guys do this kind of stuff, that you take adventures and spent time doing such great stuff together.

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