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My Favorite iOS Apps

I work on iOS apps, so I often get asked by friends, “What apps do you use?” So, here are a few that I dig.


  1. Pocket Pocket - This one app saves my productivity at work. Throughout the day I’ll take a break and check my twitter feed. Inevitably, I’ll find an interesting link someone has posted and I don’t want to miss it, but I don’t need to read it right that moment or before you know it I’ll have drained 30 minutes during my 5 minute break. So, I use Pocket to save it to my reading list and know I won’t miss it, but can read it later when I have time. There is a Chrome extension and Twitterrific has built-in support.
  2. Kindle - I read books almost exclusively using the kindle app on my iPad mini. The ability to download books right away and highlight within the app is fantastic.
  3. Feedly - Feedly is an RSS cloud service that has a great web interface. The iOS apps are just okay, I would look at something like Reeder 2 for a native app.
  4. Evernote Pocketcasts - Great app for listening to podcasts. Redesigned for iOS 7, they took a great app and made it even better. You can download or stream episodes and even have the app auto download podcasts for you.


  1. Twitterrific Twitterrific - Really slick twitter client. This app was iOS 7 before there was iOS 7. The way you can customize your font and avatar sizes and the detail they put into the push notifications make Twitterrific a no-brainer. If you have never tried something other than twitter’s app or, buy Twitterrific, you won’t regret it.
  2. Instagram - Still a fun way to take pictures and apply filters. I like that I can easily post to twitter and Facebook at the same time too.


  1. Byword - Great little app for writing in Markdown. I have it for my iPad and iPhone, but it is also available for the Mac. It has some great keyboard features on iOS, Dropbox and iCloud integration, and an HTML preview. Byword’s clean interface keeps me focused on writing.

    Byword screenshot

  2. Evernote Evernote - Of course, not strictly for blogging, Evernote is a great note taking app. It has just enough formatting (like bold, italics, bullets, numbered lists, and checkboxes) to make it super easy to take notes and you can even attach images. Your whole library is searchable and you can even tag notes to group stuff easily. Everything syncs between your devices and the free account comes with a ton of space.


  1. Bible - Great app for reading the Bible. Literally has hundreds of translations in almost every language. You can even have it read the Bible to you.
  2. Prayer Notebook Prayer Notebook (shameless plug) - This is the app I helped develop that allows you to organize and remember your prayers. I really do use it almost every day.


  1. Dropbox - You put a file in your Dropbox folder, and it shows up on all your computers and on your mobile devices. I use it to move pictures from my iPhone to my laptop all the time. You can even share files with it or invite someone to join a folder for things you are working on together.
  2. 1Password 1Password - Password management is such a pain. So much of a pain that we don’t do it – so we just use the same password everywhere from our Bank to our Facebook account. The problem is, if one of your accounts get hacked (like LinkedIn or Adobe did recently), then a hacker could gain access to your email or your financials and do some real damage. With 1Password, you can have it generate secure passwords, then you don’t have to remember them because it fills them in for you. It is a little investment to buy the desktop and mobile apps, but well worth the peace of mind.
  3. Trello - Great app for list making and project management. You can organize ideas, collaborate with other people in real time, make checklists, set due dates and upload documents.
  4. Parcel - Simple little app to track your packages. Just put in your tracking number (from UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc) and it will give you updates for where your packages are.
  5. Fantastical - I can’t stand the calendar app on iOS 7, Fantastical makes dealing with my calendar easy – I don’t have to go searching for things any more.


  1. Status Board (iPad only) - Fun little app that acts as a dashboard for all your information. Plugs into your calendar, email, and twitter. It really becomes useful when you create custom graphs for your data. We’re using it at Kalon to track our app sales and outstanding invoices.

Well, those are my top apps. What apps do you use that make your life easier?

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