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First, I apologize for my absence in April, it was a good, busy month. There is some catching up to do, but first some thoughts on meditation.

Last night I was invited to a Symposium on Faith and Art, titled Beauty and Splendor, at Trinity Vineyard Church by my good friends Kyle and Ashley Jones. Kyle and Ashley both are talented photographers and Kyle has a particular gift for music. He plays the fiddle, guitar, and probably others along with always introducing me to new, beautiful music.

I stepped into Trinity and it didn't take long to know I was in the company of friends. It is a simple, elegant place, rich with liturgy and thoughtful people. We took in visual art, heard music from a talented singer-songwriter, saw a short film, and listened to good poetry. Most moving though, was the community of artists and their honest wrestling with their passion and the difficulty of their trade.

Driving back home to Canton, I turned off the music and embraced the silence -- remembering the importance of quiet and thought. The artists I met last night painted, created, and spoke out of a place of deep wrestling. They did the hard work of listening and questioning and trying to flesh out incarnation in this broken world. It reminded me of the desperate need we have to wrestle with the Gospel and its implication for every area of our lives.

Hoping, questioning, wrestling.
Glad to hear your voice again - it is needed. And super glad you got to connect with other deep-souled artists. I can picture it in my head and it is beautiful. Love you bro.

Man, this sounds beautiful, almost familiar, huh?

You belong in such spaces.

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