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March Madness

So, as most of the world (and by most of the world I mean us sport-addicted, tournament-crazed Westerners) knows, the NCAA basketball championship started today. I got an invitation to two ESPN March Madness groups and I figured I would fill out a bracket and give it a try. To my surprise, I'm hooked; and even though we aren't even finished with the first day, I picked 6 of the first 7 match-ups.

I know we have just begun, but you have to realize -- I know nothing about College basketball. I enjoy watching a few games and I pull for Clemson when they play, but I have know idea who's favored or has the talent this year. It may be early, but maybe an underdog like me will makes some good calls.

So, may your March be full of three-pointers, last-second wins, a few curses under your breath, and your bracket full of points.
I love it! Your bracket is doing great! That's the beauty of the madness - anything can happen!

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