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Lent, Not the Kind in Your Pocket

Lent is upon us, ushered in by Ash Wednesday -- another season of our lives, if we'll allow it. One of the things I loved about DCF was our participation and awareness of Church seasons. Like the meteorological seasons, there is an ebb and flow to seasons of the Church. I was just thinking recently of how I was ready for Winter to be over, ready for the cold and the gray to give way to life; but, without the Winter, there isn't the anticipation of Spring. Just as Winter makes us yearn for Spring, so too Lent prepares us for Easter.

During Lent, as part of seeing our sin and our need for God, we're supposed to give up something. It is is a way of denying our own desires, our own cravings, and giving way to God's desires. So, this year I've decided to give up condiments. If you know me, then you know two things: I love food, and I love well (okay, over)-seasoned food. So, as an act of self-denial and really in an effort to appreciate simplicity, I've given up condiments -- no salt, pepper, honey mustard, or even ketchup.

These small acts of self-denial aren't some grand movement that is likely to shake our culture, but if we'll embrace each season, recognize our sin and our need for God, then I believe God's steady hand will begin to shape our lives and further His Kingdom.

Peace to you.
I love that last sentence in particular. True and beautiful.

Condiments?! =) I'd never have thought of that.

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