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June Rain (Poem #2)

I've been very thankful for the rain we've received lately and so has our garden. I thought I'd share another poem (funny how I hadn't noticed many of my poems involve rain). This was the first poem that I had published. I hope you too will feel the refreshing breath after a good summer downpour.

June Rain

Droplets cascade in
ratter-tat rhythm,
kaleidoscoping my window
Sky half-hazy rather
than seamless black –
June rain has a way
of trapping heat
(greenhouse-like) –
air so drenched
you wish for
The drumming hum
has a peace
about it.  A needed
break from
ceaseless rays.
It’s not quite
a spring rain –
cool with
vibrant zest –
It’s more like
the earth rushing
gasping for air.

Originally published in The Alembic, April 2007.

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