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Hanging the Swing

So, after months of hard work, I finally finished the porch swing I've been working on and hung it on our back porch. I really enjoyed working on this project -- everything from the planning, to working with my hands (and the Sabbath implications), to finally rocking in the swing before work with a hot cup of coffee.

My dad came over and helped me put it up, which was a huge help. We located a stud, which wasn't a guarantee with our builder's track record, and put in two eye-hooks to hold it up. I attached the swing with chain and 4 bolts, getting the right tilt by adjusting how high up the front chain joined the back chain. I was the first to sit in it incase the whole thing came crashing down (I was envisioning that scene from The Patriot where he sits in his rocking chair). I thought this picture captured my thoughts pretty well...

"I really hope this holds..."

Lauren and Sean enjoying the swing

A side view of the contours and joints

A couple of people have asked where to put in their orders... who knows, maybe one day there will be a Grigg's fine woodworking.

Thanks again dad for all your help. My dad also just started a blog, so check it out if you get a chance:
Wow, dude. It looks beautiful.

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