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A Good Story

Lauren and I just got back from a weekend getaway in Savannah. Through a generous Christmas gift from her parents, we stole away for two nights to the city of cities. Savannah has a beautiful charm and a slow pace for being a decent size city. Fulfilling my vacation requirement for good food, we ate two incredible meals at the Olde Pink House (the restaurant we ate at the night we got engaged) and a little french place called Noble Fare. The local snapper and herb-crusted lamb were inspiring!

The highlight of the trip however, besides vacationing with my ravishing wife, was the trolly tour we took on Saturday. Now, I'm not usually one for tours -- usually over-priced, poorly guided, tourist traps -- this tour was incredible. What makes the difference is the tour guide. Our guide, Phil, wasn't really a tour guide, he was a story teller. He drove us around for almost 2 hours telling us tales of Sherman's march to burn Savannah, Lee's nickname for the city, and recited lines from Flannery O'Connor as we passed her childhood home.

He didn't tell about Savannah's history, he lived it. After most of the people had gotten off the bus, Phil chatted with a couple a few rows in front of us about how he and a close friend of his get together to swap stories. His buddy guides tours in Charleston and he talked about how they laugh and trade tips, and then he said the most curious thing -- the most beautiful thing. He said, "we talk about stories, not about the stories themselves, but how to tell the story."

Phil, I take my hat off to you and thank you for a refreshing, riveting tour of Savannah -- keep telling your stories.
You are right about a number of things here. First, it IS all about the tour guide. Juli and I went on one of the ghost tours in Savannah - but we went in an open-air hearse. I felt embarrassed for the tour guide. Second, the food in Savannah is inspiring and, as always, I love your use of the word. Glad you guys had a great trip! Miss you and love you both.

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