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This is a two part story, the good news is, my lovely wife already wrote the first half (cliff notes: we bought a new car).

The second part is a much better story: we sold her 99 Nissan Maxima -- that doesn't sound better does it? The story really starts with my boss and friend Ken.  Ken has a huge heart and has been mentoring and encouraging young men for over a decade.  He had a kid named Casey who was fortunate enough to cross paths with Ken.  Casey has overcome a lot.  He is currently going to school, has a 4.0 average, and is walking an hour home from work at Kroger every night at midnight because he doesn't have the money for a car.

That is, until Ken found out about it.  We needed to sell Lauren's car and Casey needed a car... so Ken bought Casey our car.  He posted a video of giving Casey the car (you'll need to login to facebook to view)-- unbelievable.

What a beautiful expression of what it looks like when we follow God's lead to take care of the widows and orphans.

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