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For Everything there is a Season

Currently written on the whiteboard in our kitchen is:

a time to weep, and a time to laugh;
a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

I started reading through the Bible again this year and the first passage of the year was from Ecclesiastes 3. The writer begins by saying "For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven." Truly life ebbs and flows in seasons -- seasons of doubt, seasons of joy, seasons of heartache, and everything in between.

Maybe what I heard God whispering to me most in these words was that God wants me to be fully alive, fully attentive to each season. He doesn't use tentative or reserved words, he says when things are bad we ought to weep, to tear our clothes and mourn. And when things are good we ought to be laughing that belly hurting kind of laughter, dancing with abandon. I think so often I close off my heart from the hurt, numbing myself to the pain. To live fully alive I believe Jesus would say cry your eyes out every once in a while and make sure you laugh so hard milk comes out your nose too. In the shortest verses of scripture we find Jesus weeping and at the beginning of his ministry we see him turning water to wine, keeping the party going.

My prayer is that this year there will be more laughing and dancing than weeping and mourning, but whatever God brings I will enter fully, and my heart might be more alive for it.

I got the privilege to preach on this passage last Sunday if you care to listen.

Beautiful teaching and moving condivision, Austin. Thank you SO much!
I'm following you since last year, when I "met" you thanks to the Prayer Notebook (incredible app, btw...!).
At first through your blog, then daily on Twitter, I discovered a man, living in Canton, with a deep heart and a strong faith, willing to "live" the Love received from Him.
I'm a 28 years old guy living in Brescia, Italy. Jesus is the center of my life, so I look for him in every aspect of my life, my "techy" passions as well..., that's how I...ehr, HE, made us meet!
Well...just wanted to "make the honors" and let you know there's "someone" else praying for you, your family and your community, here from Brescia...!
May this year be deeply ALIVE, even beyond your imagination!
And may His Love burn in our hearts!

Wow, Gianmarco, thank you for leaving a note! How incredible is it how the bond of faith can bring two people who are a world apart together on common ground? God continues to show himself bigger than I can imagine.

I'm so encouraged by your love for Jesus and can't quite get over the fact that you've been following me from Italy! What is your twitter handle so I can connect with you there?

Grace and peace to you.

Hi, Austin! SO glad to hear back from you! Here you are: @GabrielSeraph, another angel, but still me! :-D
And I'm so excited as well about this newborn "friendship in Christ"!
"Hear" you soon!

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