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Expound - My First Mac App

There are numerous problems with computer programmers (just ask our wives), but one of my weaknesses is that instead of utilizing software people have already written, I think I could just write it myself.  This of course quickly leads to exciting design ideas, feature lists, and an overly-agressive, un-realistic timeframe for how long it will take to complete.

So, when our church needed to buy a new computer (let's just say we we're lucky it had a CD drive) I suggested they buy a Mac and I thought it would be a good idea to try my hand at an app to display song lyrics and play movies for our services. I hadn't ever programmed for the Mac before, so it was quite a learning experience, but I really enjoyed developing for the mac and it has been a really useful tool for our church.

I've been working on Expound for well over a year now and wanted to make it available to churches and organizations to help them foster an atmosphere of worship. You can read more about it and download the app at I'd love to get some feedback and hear how people are using it.
Looks sweet! I love that you're making it available for others. This could be huge.

Man, since beginning to lead worship at our church I've been spending hours a week making slides. I wish I had a mac so I could use this! I may have to buy one.

Thanks Josh.

Justin, that's a big compliment that you'd want to make the switch to try my app! I think you'd really dig the mac as well.

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