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The Essence of Apple Pie

I know there hasn't been much un-naming going on here lately, but I hope you'll enjoy some un-naming of a different sort in the form of some more still life photography. A post on un-naming good is still brewing and there are a lot of musings around a study I'm doing with my students on Revelation and N.T. Wright's Surprised by Hope -- so keep an eye out for those.

Lauren has been doing a lot of baking around the Holidays and I got inspired by her delicious apple pie and some gords and squashes we had been given by our friend Jill. Here is what transpired after the pie came out of the oven (only briefly before it was appreciated in a much more palpable way).

Click for a larger view.

Mmm,good!! Wow, what happened to sharing that delicious looking pie with your dear ole dad?

Yum! Lauren sure makes some beautiful desserts! That is one of the prettiest apple pies I have ever seen. ;) Now I want to go bake...

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