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Easter Conversation

This Easter season (yes, Easter is a season, not just a day) I'm taking part in an online conversation hosted over at my good friend Winn's blog. We're reading The Challenge of Easter, by N.T. Wright and I'm looking forward to engaging the Easter season in this new way.  If lent is a dark cloud fleecing the world in black, then Easter is the light glistening off the saturated earth -- and neither happen in a day. I hope that if you're not already planning to, you'll join in on this conversation.

On a side note, I went to our local Family Christian bookstore to pick up my copy of the book (so I could have it to read by this Monday) and saw this sign posted on the front door:

and I thought, shouldn't that read, "Closed Every Sunday"?  I've been thinking a lot about Sabbath lately, and wish that our Christian bookstore would see the need and have the grit to close down one day a week -- to say we're called to a day of rest.

I hope that this Easter season will be a season of life for you.

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