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Desperate for His Presence

I had the opportunity again to preach at our church this morning. Our pastor, Jamie, asked me to share the lessons that I taught over the mission trip we took last week.

I've been captivated by the story in Exodus 33 where Moses intercedes for the people of God. God tells Moses He is going to send them to the promise land, but declares that He will not go with them -- Moses, realizing that what the people of God most need is God, pleads with God not send them without His presence. So often, I become satisfied with the promises of God over the presence of God and end up missing God altogether. I strike out on my own in the name of God, when all God wanted was for me to wait for Him to move or speak.

God agrees to go with Moses and the Israelites to the promise land, then Moses says the strangest thing, "Now, show me your glory." Those words are beginning to take shape in my heart and as I began to make that my prayer, God has been showing me His glory. He moved in ways and orchestrated conversations over the mission trip that helped me to see just a glimpse of what He wants to do in my life and life of my students. I hope I continue to expect more of God and not less.

Here is the recording of my sermon this morning if you are so inclined. Part 2 is next week.

Desperate for God's Presence from Austin Grigg on Vimeo.
Unable to watch the video due to crappy old work computer, but I know exactly what you mean. I do so much in Christ name, when all he wants is me. I get lost in trying to do something of worth. Thanks for the encouragement.

You're welcome, thanks for stopping by leaving a comment.

Dude, that's some good stuff! I tend to want the presence of God, but with His promises as well. I'll definitely be re-focusing on the presence of God and His glory - thanks for sharing your heart and being an awesome man of faith. We're so blessed to have you as our friend :)

Thanks Ashley, I needed to hear those words this morning. I'm blessed to have you and Kyle as friends.

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