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Curses and Clay

After reading Blue Like Jazz, I jealously wanted a nickname like: Austin the Beat Poet -- I even got me a beat poet hat. Instead, I've been given strange nicknames over the years, like Zeek, or Tater, or Salad (you'll have to ask Danny about that one). If I can't be a beat poet, I'll settle for gardener.

My good friend, Kyle Jones (map maker, professional ice cream taster, coffee connoisseur/shop owner, tree house contractor, gardener, recycled pallet carpenter, radio tower repair man) encouraged me to start a garden this year, so Lauren and I took up the challenge. We planted zucchini, squash, onions, cantaloupe, green beans, lettuce, and tomatoes -- all from seeds.

And today, I'm pleased to announce: we harvested, cooked, and ate our first zucchini! Weighing in at 3oz, 8 inches long, we're so proud of this beautiful green vegetable. Our squash and zucchini have taken off and our other plants are finally starting to dig in.

I cleared the plot for our garden, lined it with downed limbs, and tilled the soil. It feels good to toil with the earth a little, throw your back into something and stand back to watch it yield a crop. Sometimes I wonder if we need a tangible reminder of the curse -- a reminder to toil, to repent, to sow and reap.

With the push from a friend, advice of a well-seasoned grandfather, and stain of Georgia clay between my fingers, a garden was born -- and with it good food and well-worn metaphor.

Ah, Georgia clay. I remember her well.

My Dad is a gardener. Some dads spend the couple hours after work in front of the TV, my dad spent it in his garden. It never wore off on me but I have a quiet respect for it. Well done!

BTW, can't wait to see you guys tonight!!

love it. I love everything about a garden - but have yet to truly pull one off.

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