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The Christmas Tree from Hell (Is that blasphemy?)

It was only a week ago that I was claiming to work on my grinch status, now here I am cursing around Jesus' birthday. Anyway, I think he would understand.

A little background...

So, Lauren and I have been trying to get a Christmas tree for the last two weeks. We planned on going to the local Christmas Tree farm that we went to last year and cutting one down. For a number of reasons (business, weather, acts of God) we weren't able to go get one until this Saturday. We had the whole day open, so we donned our winter coats (I think Lauren had on about 10 layers) and went to cut down a Christmas tree.

We started with hot apple cider and picked our way through the trees, but most of the good ones had been cut down by that point. We ended up buying one that was already cut, a variety that doesn't grow around here, and strapped it to my car.

We get it home and in the base and get it vertical without too much trouble, other than being scraped alive by the incredibly sharp needles. Lights are strung, ornaments are hung, Elf is playing in the background -- all seems peaceful.

20 minutes later, all through the house not a creature is stirring, not even a Tahoe, when from the living room I hear a terrible crash. The tree has fallen over, breaking a number of the glass ornaments and scared our dog Tahoe so throughly, that well, lets just say it scared the ***I can't use another curse word in a blog about Christmas*** out of him, literally.

So, I ended up cutting a piece of plywood and screwing the stand to it, then battling the Christmas tree into it. We spent the rest of the evening putting lights and ornaments back on the tree and consoling our emotionally scarred dog.

Christmas, maybe one day we shall be friends, but for now, mortal enemies we remain.

Peace to you, and I hope your Christmas is full of trees firmly bolted to your floor.
Look at the bright side, at least you won't have a problem with your dog messing with the tree and ornaments. :)


I'm into the Bloggersphere. What a ...

I'm into the Bloggersphere. What a techie I am. Great tree. Mom and I want to come over and see your tree, Christmas decorations, and of course our "granddogs!"

I got our HD TV fixed today. Took a while but the fix was actually fairly simple. I little embarassing but that's what humility is about.


You are really funny. I need to know more about this whole Grinch thing because it is very counter-Austin in my opinion. But if it keeps the good stories be it. Much love.

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