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Charleston Vacation

Lauren and I spent the week on vacation in Isle of Palms outside of Charleston, SC.  We had a great time relaxing, laughing, just connecting with one another as husband and wife, as friends.  Lauren did a great job planning out some things for us to do: riding bikes (yes, the silly beach bikes, which are actually very comfortable), walking our dogs on the beach, and hitting downtown Charleston for some sites and great seafood.

Speaking of great food, we ate at Hyman's, a classic Charleston restaurant with pictures and plates signed from countless famous people -- from Hulk Hogan to ex-Presidents.  As usual, I had a hard time deciding what to order, so per my wife's genius idea, we ordered dinner for each other -- it was a lot of fun.  I ordered the grouper for her, lightly Cajun, and she ordered me the seared Tuna.

We also had a blast with our dogs.  This was the first trip Kona had been on and she was great.  She made us laugh the whole time we were in the car.  We would look back at her and she would just be sitting upright staring out the window (see picture below).  Tahoe was scared as usual, but actually loves the beach and came out of his shell a little.

We had to cut our stay a little short due to Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Hurricane/Tropical Storm (did I mention the weather channel can't make up its mind) Hanna.  Not sure how bad the storm was going to be, we decided to pull out Thursday to make sure we didn't get stuck.  Unfortunately we weren't able to make it my cousin's wedding in Wilmington, NC this saturday (which was part of the whole plan), but things are still a little up in the air with Hanna headed straight toward Wilmington.

Well, thats about all I got, hopefully you'll enjoy the pictures.


The picture of Kona is fabulous. Neena took her (mini-Kona, that is) with her to Alabama today in the back seat of Mom & Dad's car. Hahaha. My Dad said he liked you, btw :) Can't wait for our near-in-the-future trip to AL (the next one) when we...I guess not "we" with my belly... go to climb & stay with them!!

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