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Bunk Beds

Technically it isn't bunk beds, it is a bunk bed right now -- but the first one is done! I've been building bunk beds for my son Sean (and eventually his brother Joshua). It has been a lot of work, but working with my hands is part of how I Sabbath and rest my mind.

This project has been particularly drawn out because I started with raw wood, generously given to me by a friend at church's father-in-law. He had the poplar trees sawn up on his own property. Every board had to be planed, joined, and cut to size, but it was amazing to see the beauty of the grain come out. Poplar is a fairly clear wood, but has beautiful streaks of green and even deep purple.

As usual, I found a design and then modified it to try out some of my new hand tools my father-in-law gave me. I did mortise and tenon joints for the headboard and slats and got a lot of use out of my new chisels and hand plane. The top bunk will be a similar design but will be a twin and will be shorter.

Here are some pictures of putting it together, I think Sean likes it already.

Here is the bed dry-fitted before it was stained.

Here is a view of the footboard

The bed with just the slats on it

I made my own plugs and I think this mortise and tenon joint turned out nice

I glued and screwed a 2x2 cleat to the side rails to hold the slats

Sean wanted to help every step of the way (of course by dancing)

He is very excited

The whole family was excited!

The finished product

Now to finish the top bunk...
Austin--The bed is absolutely beautiful. Your woodworking skills are amazing!

Oh, and CONGRATS on the new little one! Davis and I are so excited for you both!

Thanks Bess! We're bummed we missed you guys leading worship on Sunday!

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That's really beautiful. You are amazingly talented at so many things.

Thank you Winn.

The design looks nice, i can even suggest to opt for bunk beds to reduce space and money.
Themed Kids Beds

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