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Blogs I Follow & A New Design

My blog list has grown over the last few years (with more technical content than my wife would like to see), but these have time and time again been intriguing, amusing, and thought-provoking.  I hope you'll find good friends and good conversation in these writings.
Winn is a writer, pastor, father, husband and dear friend.  He writes with honesty and with conviction.  He is currently doing a series on why the church? He inspires me to write about things that matter.
Justin has one of the best blogs I know of.  He writes on a wide range of topics and is a fantastic journalist. A great source for good music, thoughtful political antics, and spiritual questions.
This is my sister's blog and is a gem of fashion, cooking, and beautiful prose.  Tyler is the adventurous one in our family -- I love to read about her travels and how she interacts with the world.
Juli is a brilliant artist and thoughtful writer.  Art permeates most of her writing and I love how she helps me see the world with fresh eyes.
You'll find my wife's musings on motherhood and baking most frequently on her blog.  She is finding her voice and I think it is a voice that needs to be heard.
Miska is a deep soul who knows how to cut to the heart of life and lives and writes with incredible transparency.  She can make you laugh and make you cry -- she always leaves me with a hope to hold tighter on to God and embrace mystery.
Two of my best friends, Trey and Lauren are doing a 72 mile bike ride around Lake Tahoe to raise money for diabetes.  Lauren was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last September and is on a mission to fight for a cure. They both live with passion and immense joy.

Honorable Mentions - A fellow poet, D.C. tour guide, and mom to be. - A fellow food lover who would have made more than a mention if he had posted in 2010. - Trey's personal blog, full of good musings and video rabbit trails. - Josh's blog with great technical content and insightful writing.
Kyle Jones - He doesn't have a blog, but should.

This is by no means and exhaustive list, but I hope you've found something new to enjoy. If you're reading this and aren't sure if I follow your blog, leave a comment and I'll make sure to check it out.

I hope you like the new site design, I thought it was time for a little change.
Love the new design! Thanks for the blog love!

Aww, Austin. Thank you for your life-giving words about me. Such a gift.

yeah, made the cut!

Design = Nicey.

Like the new look! I'm loving Blogger's new template designer as well.

And thanks for the blog love too! I'll have you know that behind Google, Facebook, and Blogger, you are the number one referrer of hits to my blog! Thanks for the traffic!

Love the new design! In honor of my honorable mention, I promise you a post in the very near future. Much love!

Trey, Miska, Winn, you're welcome for the "blog love". Thank you guys for continuing to speak words of life.

Justin, thanks for the tip on the template designer, very cool. I'm shocked that I'm the 4th referrer to your site, glad I can connect more people to your writing.

Corey, thanks man. I'm looking forward to your post. I'll be eating some fried green tomatoes from our garden in your honor today.

Hey Austin- sorry we missed you this week in Charleston! June has proved more hectic than we anticipated- but isn't that life?

Claire, Indeed, that is life. Sorry we missed yo...

Indeed, that is life. Sorry we missed you too, but we'll have to try again.

Austin glad to see you are still doing well. It seems we have always been divided by a few degrees of Kevin Bacon lately. Keep doing your thing!

I swear I already left a comment... thanks for the love Austin! Your words came at a time when I needed to hear them.

Somehow this managed to slip under my radar until now. Thanks for the honorable mention and link to my blog. I'm loving the new design and looking forward to reading some great posts from you!

Thanks Harrison, we do always seem to hover a few degrees apart.

Juli, glad I could offer some encouragement. Thank you for helping me see the world in new light.

Thanks Josh, it's good to know a I have a technical reader or two who won't get completely lost when I geek out.

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