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Black-bottom Cupcakes and Still-life Photography

If you don't already know, my beautiful wife is also a fantastic cook and quite the baker. My sister recently took a trip to Europe, vagabond style, staying at hostels and roaming with friends, meeting my mom in London for the last week of her trip. While in London, they picked up a cookbook for Lauren from The Hummingbird Bakery. Full of cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and pies, Lauren is in the process of working her way through the recipes (which I am apt to encourage due to the residual benefits).

Today's delicacy, was black-bottom cupcakes: dense chocolate cupcakes with cheesecake interlaced, topped with cream-cheese icing and dusted with cocoa. I'll let the drool sliding down your chin evidence how tasty they sound.

Not only nailing the taste, Lauren is also perfecting the craft of decoration and presentation. The warm smells of chocolate and sweet scent of icing got my artistic side going and so I grabbed a couple of shots of the cupcakes that I thought I'd share. Still-life photography is an art all of it's own, but here is my brief foray, hope you enjoy. 

(Click to enlarge)
Upside-down wine glass cupcake stands? Looks and smells delicious.

I so want one of these.

And I love your photography just as much - beautiful

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