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Bess and I

Not actually Bess and I, but the band Bess and I. Two friends of mine, Davis and Bess, put on a show last Friday along with Skylar, Adam and Jordan, and Nate -- another talented musician who they met through chance. Bess and Davis are heading to Kentucky (I think that's the right state) in a few weeks to record a CD and they were raising some money for the project.

Their music is simple, rhythmic, and honest. The whole evening was a lot of fun between the homemade desserts, different lyrical stories, and a few of Davis' jokes. Skylar's crooning voice reminded me of Priscilla Ahn and Bess and Davis make me think of Caedmon's Call, Once, and Jump Little Children.

I was honored to run sound for the show and I've included a few songs I recorded below from the night. Hope you enjoy.

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