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A New Home

After five years of writing at ArtOfUnNaming it felt like it was time for my writing to have a proper home. I started off thinking I would continue to host on blogger under a new domain name. Maybe update the design, come up with a little logo. Of course, a logo turned into a complete redesign, which turned into a whole new site, which turned into moving my site to static site generator called Jekyll (read incredibly geeky blog software).

Of course, I ate the whole process up and have been learning new technologies and enjoying the simplicity of writing in a simple text editor – focusing on the words. So, welcome to

###A New Look

I wanted the new site to look great on mobile devices as well as large screens and keep the focus on the content – no background textures or drop shadows here. I wanted bold headings and clean, readable fonts, hoping the typography would help to give form and structure to the page.

Not a designer by trade, I went through about 10 iterations on the logo. Wanting to give the site a personality, I chose the french press since it captures not only my love for good coffee, but also where I enjoy good conversations.

I hope you enjoy the new look. If you’re reading this in an RSS reader then here is a glimpse at the new site:

Screen shot of redesigned

###A New Beginning

So, off to a new beginning on an old path. Thanks for dropping in, I hope you’ll stick around.


This move was inspired by listening to Marco Arment talk about the value of a personal site on the Bitsplitting podcast. I’m also driven to write by seeing the steady work of Winn Collier and Tim Smith – thanks for leading the way.

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