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5x15 with Trinity Artists

Trinity Artists hosts an event for artists every few months called 5x15 -- 15 artists share their work for 5 minutes each. I've had the privilege to go twice now and it is a beautiful, rich experience. I've gotten to see interpretive dance, hear moving poems, and even learned about letterpress printing at Hatch Show Print. The talent and diversity represented each time is astounding.

The next 5x15 is this Friday night, October 21st at Trinity Anglican Mission. Trinity has had a special place in my heart ever since my friend Kyle invited me to my first 5x15. It is a simple place with warm, genuine people that are seeking the intersection of faith and art.

I have graciously been invited to read some of my poems and I'm both excited and humbled to be sharing alongside much more talented artists. It has been a dry spell of writing for me after leaving the supportive community of writers in Clemson (it is a small community, but a talented and constructive one), but I look forward to sharing some old works and a few new ones as well. It is always a gift for one's work to have a voice, and that voice to be heard.
Mr. Grigg-- I've already told you this, but the rest of the world should know how fantastic your words and presentation were at the last 5x15. Well done.

I think this post is deserving of a quick edit: humbled you probably should be, but not because your work is of any less talent than the 14 other folks featured. We shouldn't knock our gifts, especially when we know where they come from. I think true humility comes from the never-ending sources of inspiration around us, our simple desire to respond to that and to be expressive, and the talents given to us to be able to to do so. That that's an integral part of our lives is humbling to me. I think you probably know that too-- just wanted to bring it up

Looking forward to more of your thoughts and words.

Thanks Mr. Jones, well said. I think you're spot on about humility and if I'm honest, many times I probably put on false humility because of my own insecurity at my gifts. I think this is deserving of it's own blog post, so more to follow.

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