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5 Controversial Theological Questions

A parent of one of my students at the Church, raised some concerns recently about some theological trends he was finding cropping up across the country. He was concerned about the drift away from Biblical foundations and how many pastors, books, and denominations were falling away from basic Christian principals and making a "new way", an "emergent church" (I know that term is used broadly and loosely, we'll come back to it). Naturally, he wanted to get my stance on some of these issues since I was teaching his children. While slightly nervous, I was incredibly appreciative of his concern and initiative for his children's spiritual growth.

I spent a few weeks investigating the issues he brought up, studying the scriptures looking for answers and truth, and wrote up some responses before we sat down for lunch to talk through them. When the time came to share a meal and walk through these spiritual questions, we had a very healthy and hearty conversation. I believe we both came away encouraged and on the same page.

Even after that conversation, I feel like these topics continue to come up -- in conversation, on twitter and facebook, and in books (you might have heard of a little book by Rob Bell called Love Wins). So, I thought I'd take the five topics and explore them here. I'm going to write a post responding to each of the five issues. They are dense, they are controversial, they are deeply important. I hope I can respond to them with humility (because there is so much I don't know), but with confidence because the Bible has some very clear things to say about them. Without further adue, here are the five topics:

  1. The "emergent" or "emerging" church movement (as best represented in the work and words of Brian McClaren)
  2. Theistic evolution (as represented by the organization Biologos, and the teachings of it's founder, Dr. Francis Collins)
  3. Feminism in the church, the undermining of manhood and male leadership, ordination of women.
  4. Acceptance of homosexuality, practicing homosexuals in the church body as well as in the clergy and church leadership
  5. Universal reconciliation. i.e. there is no hell, no consequence for unrepentant sin, everyone eventually goes to heaven

Look forward to the conversation (even if heated) that follows.
Looking forward to it! You are a brave man.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

Such courage. Looking forward to knowing you better through this. And I love how you are stepping into difficult things.

Thanks for the encouragement. I just hope I can approach these issues with sensitivity, but also with boldness. Should be fun!

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