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4 Movies You Should See [And 2 You Shouldn't]

I'm not a huge movie buff, but I love a good film and loathe a dry, plotless one. Here are few of the ones that have redeemed my faith in good films and a few that have perpetuated my disdain of Hollywood.

Movies Worth Seeing Again

This is not a complete list of classics or favorites, but simply some I've seen recently that were enjoyable, thought-provoking, and sometimes even inspiring.

Vantage Point
While the cover initially turned me off (read standard blow-stuff-up-CIA-espionage movie) the movie was actually very captivating. A great cast and a unique way of developing the plot made this movie stand out. I won't give anything away, but you get to see the central event of the movie from each main character's perspective, gaining new insight and a new piece of the story with each retelling.

On a side note, while looking for a movie to watch with our youth group, Lauren and I looked up this movie review at the Dove Foundation. Below is Dove's summary for the movie:

Sex: None
Language: F-1; S-10; A-1; D-5; GD-3; OG/OMG-8; J-4; JC-1; H-4; SOB-2; Friggin’-1
Drugs: None
Nudity: Shirtless man.

Why does "Christian" culture value safety over rousing our desires and getting us to think more deeply about the brokenness and redemption of life as a good film should? I want a film to make me feel, make me cringe, make me cry. You have to laugh at yourself if you qualify "Shirtless man" as nudity and "Friggin'" as a profanity.

Secondhand Lions
This is the movie we ended up watching with our youth the other night -- phenomenal. The acting by Michael Caine and Robert Duvall was spot on and really created a moving, believable movie. This movie tells a good story; I'm going to have to watch it again soon.

This was one of those movies that you hope is going to finish well (unlike some) and it does. In fact, it I thought it might end about half way through the movie, but it came through and delivered. Great story with powerful cinematography that is weaved into the historical context of World War II.

Recommended by my sister, this movie is simple, slightly strange, and delightful. I found myself smiling and connected to the characters by the time the film was over. The soundtrack is moving.

Movies Not Worth Seeing on a 12-Hour Plane Ride to Zimbabwe

I had high hopes for Wanted, but in the end it was very disappointing. The hero is very unbelievable and plot is shallow.

Quantum of Solace
This one actually isn't horrible, it just didn't finish well -- it was about a half-hour too short. I mean, it's James Bond, so you've got to love the action and swagger of Bond, but the plot just seemed unfinished. If you do see it, I would recommend seeing Casino Royal before you watch it because it does build on that movie a good bit. For the record, I think Daniel Craig is an excellent Bond -- hopefully they'll give him a movie worth acting in next time around.

I hope you enjoyed my reviews and maybe you'll have a chance to delve into one or two some time soon.

Peace to you.
Thanks man, I just updated my Netflix queue.

Have to say though, I loved almost all of Secondhand Lions, but the last 10% killed me. It was on its way to becoming one of my favorite movies until the canned cheeseball ending.


Thanks for the Movie reviews. I alm...

Thanks for the Movie reviews. I almost forgot about Vantage Point. It kept me on the "edge of my seat" the entire film and it was not predictable. Australia was also one of my recent favorites. Another good film guide is Dr. Ted Baehr's MovieGuide.

The Lord is the author of all things and gives us creativity and thus the arts. We need to embrace the arts the glorify the Lord.

Love you,

keep those reviews coming.

And Once really was amazing. Genre-buster. And, yes, the

We just watched quantum of solace and, while Missy loved it, I was left feeling exactly how you did. I heard the closing music and was like, "what? that's it? That was the end?"
Hope all is going well down in the ATL!

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