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25 Facts Things to Make You Laugh, Cry, and Gasp

I'm jumping on the proverbial bandwagon to give you a list of 25 facts and/or random mostly-true things about me. I've actually really enjoyed reading others, like this one, and this one, so I figured it was worth a shot.

1. I was born in Raleigh, NC and have always had a love for the Carolinas.

2. I was stung by over 40 yellow jackets when I was two.

3. I write poetry.

4. I am not a good sick person, I am self-loathing and whiny -- basically like most men.

5. I lived in California for 6 years in Mission Viejo (half way between San Diego and LA) -- it was my hiatus from the South. The weather was beautiful there, but everything in Southern California is dead unless you water it.

6. One of my passions is rock climbing. I learned to climb at Joshua Tree, CA and I've been climbing all over the Southeast and in Colorado with my buddy Kyle. There is something that makes me come alive when I'm climbing.

7. I really enjoy programming. My wife would say I'm a nerd... and let's be honest, I am. I've solved coding problems in my sleep, walking home from class, and yes, on the commode.

8. I have two crazy dogs, Tahoe and Kona -- scared and hyper respectively.

9. I really like using the dash -- it's kind of a catch-all punctuation.

10. I am married to a beautiful woman who is a talented baker, cake-decorator, and who is much funnier than me.

11. I'm a morning person. I enjoy writing, reading, and praying in the mornings.

12. I dabble in wood-working and photography.

13. I've played tennis most of my life, it's the only sport that I've almost been good at.

14. I know everything. For example, parenting is easy -- when your two year-old writes on the wall, you sit him or her down and explain why this is not productive... I know nothing about parenting.

15. Lauren and I work with the Youth group at our church. We have a blast playing ping-pong and frisbee golf, carrying on the tradition passed down to us by Craig and Shannon Baughn.

16. I love cake.

17. and cookies.

18. I work with some incredibly generous and smart people.

19. My dad is one of the most honest, God-fearing men I have ever met and my mom is the most gentle, giving person I know.

20. My sister Tyler, I call her Ty, has a huge heart and a beautiful sense of adventure -- she lives life fully.

21. My boss was my best man.

22. My friend with the craziest name is Garnett Elsworth Wootten III. We call him Trip.

23. I've passed out 4 times in my life from vasovagal response, either from having blood drawn or seeing something gory.

24. I'm not allowed to go to the grocery store or Home Depot... I get distracted by shiny things.

25. I love good conversation, good food, and good wine. I was taught much of each by Winn Collier and Nathan Elmore.
I guess its a good thing that I bake cake and cookies for you and that I like nerds :) Love you!!

I already knew I like you alot - but reading these 25 reminded me of some of the reasons why.

Dude, I'm a huge fan of the dash as well!

Thanks for writing this.

As Justin - I also love the dash! And unfortunately, I'm with you with #23. Thanks for sharing those bits and pieces!

Austin- I love reading your blog especially your "25 things" You are the most amazing brother. I love you!

Oh yah....I am more of an ellipses fan but the "--" is very Emily Dickinson of you.


I haven't visited your blog in a wh...

I haven't visited your blog in a while but really enjoyed reading about Lent and your 25 Facts. I appreciate what you said about the church celebrating the seasons of the year which allows us to relect on God through His church. I need to give that more thought and consideration as we approach different seasons. I tend not to "like Easter and Christmas" not because of what it means to me as a disciple but rather how it's commerlized in our western culture. It is a reminder to focus on my relationship with God and not allow the "world" to taint my view of His greatness and glory.

Also, your 25 Facts was realy amusing and I shed a tear when I read your comments about your mom and me. It inspires me to want to puruse a morely godly life because that is what is best for me, others and our obedience honors God.

I love you Buddy,

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